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Know someone who wants to make their home extra cosy this winter? Want to help someone to bring their gas and electricity bills down once and for all?

ecoMaster are the experts is thermal efficiency. We can identify how a home loses its winter warmth and specify professional and permanent solutions to stop air leakage and unwanted heat loss through every surface of your home.

Be warm and toasty in the home you love by keeping your lovely winter warmth inside!

Cut your energy bills by up to 50%, using as little energy a possible to heat your home!

Feel good about using less energy and reducing your impact on the environment!

ecoHome Retrofit Plans

It’s not what you do, it’s the order you do it in.

An ecoHome Retrofit Plan is your very own roadmap to ensure that you’re warmer sooner, and that you spend your money where it counts. It’s a report tailored especially to your home, showing you how to retrofit your home in the right sequence to get the best value for your investment.

How does it work?

A highly trained ecoMaster Assessor visits your home to analyse its thermal efficiency and specify the appropriate solutions for the best possible outcome. Following your assessment, you’ll receive a detailed retrofit plan detailing: the scope for improvement; the associated costs; and recommendations on where to begin.

From there you may choose to enlist the help of ecoMaster to take action, or you may choose to take the DIY approach. Either way, you can feel confident that you’re taking a targeted approach that will make a real difference to your comfort AND your winter running costs!

To begin your ecoHome Retrofit Plan, schedule one of ecoMaster’s three ecoHome Assessments here.

ecoHome Assessments

An ecoHome Assessment is a thorough inspection of your home carried out by one of our highly experienced assessors. Your assessment ensures that your ecoHome Retrofit Plan is unique to your home and suggested works are prioritised according to what will give you the best possible result. There are three ecoHome Assessments to choose from …

If you want a total solution for your home, done once and done right, an ecoHome Premium is for you.


4-5 hr Home Inspection
Air Infiltration Assessment
Ceiling Inspection
Underfloor Inspection
Wall Inspection
Glazing Assessment
Shading Assessment
Itemised Quotation
Prioritised Plan
Visual Priority Chart
Thermal Efficiency Report
Energy Efficiency Report

If you want to stop air leakage and address another two areas of your home, choose an ecoHome Plus.


3 hr Home Inspection
Air Infiltration Assessment

Plus your choice of 2 from:
Ceiling, Underfloor, Wall
or Glazing Assessment

Itemised Quotation
Prioritised Plan

Thermal Efficiency Report

If you’re worried about draught and air leakage, and you’re on a tight budget, choose an ecoHome Air.


2 hr Home Inspection
Air Infiltration Assessment

Itemised Quotation
Prioritised Plan

Thermal Efficiency Report

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Draught Proofing

Draught proofing is the single most important thing you can do to keep your winter warmth where you need it most. Uncontrolled ventilation allows the chilly winter air into your home while your expensive heating sneaks out through all of the gaps and cracks in your home.

There are many sources of draught in a home beyond the obvious gap underneath a door so it’s no wonder nine out of ten people say that they can run their heater non-stop and never feel warm enough!

ecoMaster do draught proofing differently, taking the whole home approach to make sure every draught in your home is targeted; from the tiny cracks in your floorboards to the perimeter of every door… we even check behind your dishwasher!

Draught proofing is proven to make such a huge difference to the comfort of your home and the size of your energy bills that EVERY ecoHome Assessment addresses the points of air leakage in your home.

VIDEO: Meet Maurice Beinat, ecoMaster’s Chief Technical Officer, and discover Draught Dodgers, the best solution available for stopping draught around the tops and sides of doors.

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Underfloor Insulation

VIDEO: See polyester insulation close up and learn why we’ll never install fibreglass or rigid materials under our clients’ homes.

There are many options when it comes to underfloor insulation but only ONE product that our Chief Technical Officer would install in his own home.

ecoMaster only works with polyester insulation. It’s safer, more effective and will stay in place for years to come, protecting your home just as effectively as the day it was installed.

Our premium R2.5 polyester insulation:

  • does not hold moisture
  • does not appeal to rodents
  • won’t catch fire
  • is non-allergenic, non-itchy material
  • has strong fibres ideal for permanent stapling
  • maintains its thickness long-term
  • is supplied in long rolls, which means less joins for the best possible coverage

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Ceiling Insulation

Many home owners are shocked to discover that they don’t have enough ceiling insulation in their homes because it has been compressed or moved over time. Measure the depth of your insulation to see if you’re properly protected:

If you don’t have enough ceiling insulation overhead, your lovely warmth is rising straight up into the roof cavity, costing you a fortune and leaving you cold and uncomfortable.

ecoMaster’s R4.0 ceiling insulation is polyester, which is an extremely effective and long lasting material. We’ve returned to homes ten years after installation to find the material exactly the same as the day it was installed, still thick and untouched by rodents.

VIDEO: Maurice Beinat puts polyester insulation to the test against water, fire, tearing and compression. See with your own eyes why we only recommend polyester.

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Wall Insulation

Cavity wall insulation can be blown into both brick and weatherboard homes and prevent heat loss by up to 85%.

A specialised hose is lowered deep into the wall cavity via a lifted roof tile to ensure excellent coverage. Where there is a section of the wall that cannot be accessed from above (for example, the space under a window) 2.6cm holes are drilled in the brick to allow the entire wall surface to be filled. Drilled access points can also be made from inside if necessary but, don’t worry, all holes are plugged up again following installation.

Wall insulation recommended by ecoMaster:

  • is an unbonded glass mineral wool material
  • comes with a 100 year guarantee
  • will not settle, shrink or decay
  • does not burn, preventing the spread of flames
  • helps to reduce condensation on internal walls

Installing wall insulation to your existing home will make you much more comfortable all year round, without the need for extra heating and cooling. Insulate your walls and save up to 50% on your annual energy bills!

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Secondary Glazing

VIDEO: Discover how you can get all of the benefits of double glazing without the costly hassle of replacing your existing windows.

Secondary glazing is double glazing for existing windows. It converts ordinary single-glazed windows to perform like high quality double glazing, keeping the winter warmth in and the summer heat out.

ecoGlaze® is a secondary glazing system unique to ecoMaster. It’s designed to merge seamlessly with your window frames, looking great and performing perfectly.

Held in place by elegant timber mouldings, the system creates a 14mm still air layer between the crystal clear ecoGlaze® panel and your existing glass, which is what reduces heat transfer through that surface.

ecoGlaze® can be applied to most timber windows and some aluminium windows (providing the window frame allows space for the system to be fitted). There are three systems available depending on the type of windows you have and they all allow the window to open and close normally.

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